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  • About Us

    RL Capital creates systematic, trend-based strategies, which can be implemented either for individual clients and institutions or as a third party manager for institutions, brokers, and advisors. All RL strategies can be executed on a multitude of platforms and allow clients to maintain control of their account or the account of the client being represented.


    RL Capital views its role as one of trusted advisor and steward of valuable client assets. We view each client as a long-term relationship just as we view our responsibility of growing assets from a long-term perspective. Customer service is of vital importance, which is why we strive to keep a constant information flow between us and the client as well as maintain total transparency across our trading and operations. Current clients should expect not only solid performance of their investment, but high quality of service and unrestricted accessibility to RL Capital managers.

  • Meet the Team

    Jon Robinson - Managing Partner

    Jon Robinson is a founding partner of Robinson-Langley Capital Management which he established with Mr. Brandon Langley in 2006. Jointly with Mr. Langley he created the analytical processes employed by Robinson-Langley Capital Management which are the foundation to their trading strategy. He also plays an active role in the implementation of that strategy and its evolution on a daily basis. In addition, Mr. Robinson is responsible for oversight of all front and middle office operations. In addition to ten years of experience creating and maintaining quantitative investment strategies, Jon held the position of Equity Research Analyst for Prudential Equity Group. Prior to joining Prudential Equity Group, Mr. Robinson held positions as a trader and market maker at Bear Wagner Specialists. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in 2003, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in both Finance and Economics.


    Jon holds both the Series 65 and Series 3 licenses.

    Brandon Langley - Partner

    Brandon is a founding partner of RL Capital is the head of developmental research and responsible for the creation of the analytics and all technical aspects of systems development and its ongoing proficiency. He also established the proprietary testing platform which forms the basis for the RL investment process, focusing on its robustness and flexibility while executing all the coding and technical aspects required during the trading system development process. He graduated in 2004 from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro earning a Masters Degree in Economics.


    Brandon holds both the Series 65 and Series 3 licenses.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Who can use RL Capital for money management services?

    A. Potentially anyone. RL Capital currently serves individuals, institutions, and endowments in the areas of advice, investment management, and retirement planning through a mix of traditional and alternative assets. Products include the TrendBridge Wealth Strategies, the RL Capital Managed Account Program, and the RL Capital Futures Fund, LP. Suitability is determined as a prerequisite to identifying which product is best for an individual, if any.


    Q. How do the TrendBridge Investment Strategies differ from the RL Capital Managed Account Program and Futures Fund?

    A. The RL Capital Managed Account Program and RL Capital Futures Fund, LP utilize the same futures trading process and serve as the flagship products going back to the company’s inception in 2006. These strategies are best used as an alternative, “hedge fund-like” investment for those seeking to enhance traditional portfolios.


    The TrendBridge Strategies were developed using RL’s proprietary process in conjunction with Bluegrass Capital Advisors, a Registered Investment Advisor. RL maintains and implements these models on an ongoing basis. TrendBridge strategies are intended to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for individuals and institutions seeking a diversified product with a heavy focus on risk-adjusted returns. In addition, the Principals of RL Capital Management offer advisory services for clients’ retirement planning needs as registered representatives of Bluegrass.


    Q. How do I open an account with RL Capital?

    A. Opening an account is easy and begins with gathering some basic information to determine the clients financial situation and which product, service, or strategy will best meet the client’s needs.